Ph.D. student in psychology

Princeton University


I am a Ph.D. student at Princeton University, advised by Drs. Natalia Vélez and Tom Griffiths. I am interested in the computational cognitive science of human aggregate minds (HAM). How do the cognitive properties of each individual human mind and brain create emergent properties of human interactions and group behaviors and how does information from group and interactive settings shape individual cognitive mechanisms. How does working together as a group make some computational problems easier and what new computational problems it uniquely imposes? I intend to draw insights from diverse academic domains to study these questions, especially psychology, computer science, economics, neuroscience, and philosophy.

  • Implications of structural symbolic concepts on teaching and social reasoning.
  • Specialization and flexibility trade-off during collaboration.
  • AI-human collaboration.
  • BA in psychology, applied mathematics, and philosophy, 2016-2020

    University of California, Berkeley


My legal name in the US is Honghao Huang (黄泓皓). However, I always go by the name Ham and I publish as Ham H. Ham has been my nickname since childhood (火腿) and it is a name from the old testament. Any name from the Bible is a fair English name lol. I was born and raised in Shenzhen (深圳), China. My parents had immigrated from the Hunan (湖南) province. For the first 1.5 years of my high school, I attended Shenzhen middle school (深圳中学) and for the rest of my 2.5 years of high school, I attended Notre Dame high school located at Easton, Pennsylvania. I did my undergraduate at UC Berkeley from 2016-2020, where I was a undergraduate research assistant at Dr. Anne Collins’s lab from 2018-2020. Afterwards, I worked as a full-time lab manager at Dr. Adrianna Jenkins’s lab at University of Pennsylvania from 2020-2023. Now I am a Ph.D. student at Princeton University.